Introducing Dairy Free
Hemp Protein

A complete protein ice cream that is packed with essential amino acids. Just like regular IsoCream, Dairy Free Hemp Protein is gluten free, high protein and reduced fat.


Where to buy IsoCream

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Key Benefits of IsoCream


IsoCream is a premium reduced-fat ice cream, that is low calorie and high protein. It’s 99% sugar free and gluten free certified. With IsoCream you can cut out the sugar, but still have ICE CREAM!

Low Carbohydrate and HIgh Protein

IsoCream is the most preferred ice cream option for the Keto dietary lifestyle in New Zealand, due to its macronutrient composition, but also appeals to anyone looking to reduce sugar in their diet.


Perfect for anyone leading a coeliac or gluten free lifestyle

Available in SEVEN Flavours

Available in five dairy and two hemp protein dairy-free flavours